Mourning Meetings

In our Western culture, although death has come out of the closet, it is still not openly experienced or discussed. Allowing dying to be so intensely present enriches both the preciousness of each moment and our detachment from it. ~ Ram Dass (Who I was fortunate to have as a member of my doctoral committee)

I offer a variety of Mourning Meetings

  • Mourning Meeting is a one-on-one meeting with me that as I’ve mentioned are somewhat similar to a counseling or coaching session or appointment.

  • Monday Mourning Meeting and/or Monday Mourning Meditation for those who might need some additional support a bit more frequently. But please bear with me because my schedule can get a bit crazy with other work that I do so this won’t be happening every Monday.  

  • Monthly Mourning Meeting Podcast when I’ll be offering tips, tools and techniques to help you cope with various forms of grief and loss, as well as offering meditation that will be helpful to those dealing with grief. 

  • And a Monthly Mourning Meeting via zoom that will offer a safe space for people to ask questions about various forms of grief and loss and find new tools to help create healthy coping skills. During this time we will also discuss advance care planning as well as after death care planning if people are interested. 

Thank you!

The Mourning Meditations I’ll be offering will be guided meditations, but here’s a sound meditation that I hope you will enjoy. Meditating is an opportunity to take time out for yourSELF and is often referred to as self love and/or a self investment.