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Grief support, consulting and education

How do you cope with grief?

This can be a very lonely time as we do our best to find our way while people around us might be saying they understand exactly what we’re going through when they really don’t have any idea how we’re feeling. And sometimes well meaning people can say some really unhelpful things to try to comfort us often because they themselves have no idea what to say. Many of us never took a class on how to cope with loss. We learn it through life which is why I often say we grow through grief because one way or another we’re going to learn to find our way no matter how challenging it might be.

I’m here to compassionately support and empower you on that path.

Grief Support Group

I am offering a support group for those who are concerned about the climate crisis and mental health issues including environmental grief, ecological grief and eco-anxiety. If you are interested in participating in a remote support group, please contact me.

Kriss has a magnificent manner in being able to ground and calm you during these chaotic and overly stressed times. I walked away from the first session refreshed, calmer, and more focused after her intimate, yet energetic guided imagery. Thank you Kriss for your compassion and empathy. ~ Gwen C., Climate Reality Leader

Dr. Kriss Kevorkian has a deep understanding of how we should engage in the grieving process.

~ Dr. Barbara Spring, Co-Founder with Dr. Ira Byock of the Missoula Demonstration Project
featured in the PBS special with Bill Moyers, On our Own Terms: Moyers on Dying

Grief is the normal reaction to loss, and it is unique to each and every person

There is no one size fits all help for grief

I provide grief and end-of-life emotional support and consulting to individuals and groups of all ages. I’m a non-judgmental person, and welcome everyone from every background.

Grief is an aspect of life. Not only does it impact us after the loss of a loved one, but it’s everywhere today as we do our best to keep up with an ever changing world. So many of us are grieving a life we once knew while trying to stay afloat and find meaning in what many refer to as the new normal. I’m here to empathetically support, empower, and nurture you as you grow through grief.

Some things I can help you through:

Grief from losing:




Loved one



Animal Companion

Relationship (Breakup, Divorce)

The loss of:



Faith/Meaning of Life

World as we once knew it

Issues related to Aging

Coping with:

Environmental Grief

Ecological Grief

Climate Grief


Trauma support:

Disasters, whether human or natural


Sexual Assault

Intimate Partner Violence and Domestic Violence

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Grief and loss are experiences we face in life

They are lessons that teach us to love and appreciate what we have. If we want to live consciously then we would do well to embrace these lessons. Honestly, this is so much easier to write than to go through, but while these lessons can be really hard, to say the least, they do teach us what we should be valuing most in life.