End of Life Care and Planning

for individuals, partners and families

Kriss has a profound sensitivity to a patient’s experience of death, grief and loss which has enabled them to proceed on their path with grace and peace. ~ Bobbie Tozier, RN, Hospice Nurse

Are you, or a loved one, dealing with a life-limiting illness?

I help individuals and families prepare for death, dying and grief

I have been involved in the end-of-life care field for almost 30 years as a

hospice medical social worker, an end-of-life care counselor and educator.

This is a time in life where you’ll need all the help you can get so please don’t hesitate to ask for it.

Please note that no matter what diagnosis you might have, your process will be different from others.

I’ve helped many people transition peacefully and with grace and dignity

while providing empathy and care to their loved ones and caregivers.

End-of-life care and planning includes:

Emotional support and consulting for the terminally ill person and his/her/their loved ones

Thorough psychosocial assessment and physical/safety assessment

Assisting in completion of end-of-life care paperwork including advance medical directives

Death planning including funeral/memorial services

Caregiver support and education regarding patient care and self care

Follow-up bereavement support for your loved ones

Caregivers are often so busy taking care of others that far too often they lose sight of their own health issues. I offer support and tips for caregivers to help them stay safe and healthy as they care for others.

Supporting individuals and families with compassionate  end-of-life care and planning.

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