End-of-Life Care and Planning for individuals, partners and families

Kriss has a profound sensitivity to a patient’s experience of death, grief and loss which has enabled them to proceed on their path with grace and peace. ~ Bobbie Tozier, RN, Hospice Nurse

Helping individuals and families with compassionate end-of-life care, planning, and support throughout the dying process, including:

Emotional support and consulting for the terminally ill person and his/her/their loved ones

Thorough psychosocial assessment and physical/safety assessment

Assisting in completion of end-of-life care paperwork including advance medical directives

Death planning and after death care including funeral/memorial services

Caregiver support and education regarding patient care, as well as their own self care

I provide follow-up bereavement support to loved ones

Please reach out to schedule a free consultation, Mourning Meeting, or inquire about scheduling a speaking engagement/presentation