Kriss has a profound sensitivity to a patient’s experience of death, grief and loss which has enabled them to proceed on their path with grace and peace. ~Bobbie Tozier, RN, Hospice Nurse

For those reacting to Environmental grief and ecological grief, and the “global” grief we experience daily as we do our best to cope with the political chaos taking place, Dr. Kevorkian has the tools, skills and knowledge to help you cope through these new forms of grief. It’s one thing to understand and expect loss in nature, but it’s another thing to know that we are complicit in destroying species at an unprecedented rate. That being said, there is still hope! As long as Dr. Jane Goodall and Dr. Sylvia Earle are remaining hopeful, we all can! And, to top it all off, people around the world are protesting and working for the Rights of Nature!

Grief is a normal reaction to loss, and it is unique to each and every person. If someone tells you that he/she understands exactly how you feel, please walk away. He/she can’t possibly know how you feel because no one understands the relationship you had with what is now gone.

End of Life Care ~ Kriss can help with your end-of-life care needs including end-of-life care planning, advance directives, funeral planning, and follow-up bereavement support for your loved ones. These services are available in-person and by phone/skype. 

Grief Support ~ For those interested in learning, growing and navigating the stormy seas of the end of life and grief, please contact Dr. Kevorkian for an appointment. She offers emotional support to people/families dealing with terminal illness, grief and bereavement.

Workshops are offered and available throughout North America and Europe ~ Dr. Kevorkian is a passionate and engaging speaker who is gifted at discussing very intimate, private topics in a manner that is safe and educational. Participants state that while the topics are intense, particularly when discussing death and dying, and grief and loss, the lessons are uplifting and inspiring even when speaking about environmental grief and ecological grief. Please contact Dr. Kevorkian for pricing.

Dr. Kriss Kevorkian is passionate about supporting and educating people about death, dying and grief. For an event that we will all experience at some point in time, we certainly are not quick to speak about these subjects.

Grief and loss are experiences we face in life, lessons that teach us to love and appreciate. Grief prepares you for life. If we want to live consciously then we would do well to embrace the lessons learned through grief and loss.

As you can see from her biography, Dr. Kriss Kevorkian has the experience and education to help you navigate through your grief.

For more information, please contact Dr. Kevorkian.

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