The greatest tribute to the dead is not grief but gratitude. ~Thornton Wilder

Every time I lose a loved one, I think about how amazing it was that we actually came together. With all the billions of people on the planet, how was it that I got to meet this one person with whom I’ve laughed, cried and shared space and time? In the depths of my grief, anguish, pain and sorrow, I can’t help but also feel gratitude.

While the grief is raw, the gratitude is organic. Add a pinch of good attitude, which might be hard to muster during grief, but I remember that life goes on despite my grief. I owe it to those who have died to continue my life while honoring theirs.

Grief is an aspect of life that reminds us that we are living this journey. As people say, it’s not the destination but the journey itself that teaches us all the valuable lessons of life.

I add the grief, gratitude and attitude together to form Griefitude. And while I continue to grieve the loss of a friend who recently died,  I will hold strong to my Griefitude knowing just how fortunate I was to call her my friend, and to witness her intelligence, beauty, courage and grace.