Environmental Grief®

Kriss Kevorkian’s work on environmental grief, a term she coined through her own copious research, is nothing short of visionary. We need Kevorkian’s advocacy and tenderness for the natural world and all the creatures that reside within it now more than ever as we face off with the dire effects of climate change. –Jordan Rosenfeld, journalist and author.

KrissK_Logo_SMWe pollute, destroy, and reshape our planet, eliminating animal habitats and ecosystems to fit human needs. People conscious of the plight of these events react to this decline by experiencing environmental grief, the grief reaction stemming from the environmental loss of ecosystems caused by natural or man-made events.

Kriss Kevorkian’s ‘Environmental Grief’ presentation at our Orca Network workshop truly resonated with us. In a sincere and sometimes humorous way she validated the despair we had all been feeling over the losses of our beloved Southern Resident orcas. She assured us that what we were feeling was normal and even left us with a sense of empowerment and some positive actions we can take to combat the current assault on the environment. Her words remain with us, give us strength, and connect us as we continue to fight for the survival of the whales we love. ~Cindy Hansen, Education and Events Coordinator, Orca Network.

Dr. Kevorkian is truly honored that her work was featured in an article in Scientific American. Facing Down “Environmental Grief” was written by Jordan Rosenfeld who understood the work from the get-go, and did a wonderful job sharing it with SA readers. Kriss is equally grateful to Samantha Whitcraft, conservation biologist and shark expert, for contributing her thoughts to the article.

*Dr. Kevorkian originally included research papers about environmental grief on this website, but later learned of her work being plagiarized. If you’d like more information, please contact her.